• Exam Pattern: CPCT consist of two sections:

      • MCQ (Multi Choice Question) having 75 questions from specified syllabus.
      • Typing Skill Assessment:

                     1) English Typing test

                     2) Hindi Typing test


      Knowledge of Basic Computer Operations

      Awareness of generic steps required for setting up a computer, booting and shutting down, logging on and off to a network, determining an IP address, verifying physical connectivity to a network, installing and updating software packages, disabling applications from running on start-up, uninstalling a software from computer, customising desktop background, resizing windows, volume controls of computer, setting up a new printer or webcam or scanner or other peripheral devices, understanding of steps to protect computers from power disturbances and basic troubleshooting including power backups.

      Awareness of System Administration and Security concepts such as setting options and preferences in an Operating System; encryption of data; keeping personal data private and secure; creating strong passwords; changing passwords; checking a system for bugs, spyware or other malicious application through virus scanners;

      Awareness of concepts and processes related to file management functions such as copying files to memory disk, undoing mistakes, using default help modules, connecting to the Internet and downloading and uploading files, setup and printing of documents Compressing files; identifying and selecting suitable file formats and using them for transferring data

      Proficiency in general IT skills

      Word processing skills such as creating a document, using spellcheck, creating tables, working with headers or footers, mail merge, document formatting etc. and common word processing related keyboard commands;

      Numeric Skills to deal with numbers and digits, using formulas, references, macros, tables, graphs through spreadsheets and common keyboard commands for spreadsheets. Presentation skills for sharing and understanding data in form of charts, graphs and data.

      Internet skills such as using search engine effectively to get the best desired result within short time; uploading and downloading information from the Internet and usage of Internet applications such as web sites, browsers, blogs, and Internet services such as Email, video conferencing, Online Collaboration etc.

      Reading Comprehension

      Ability to read and understand passages in English comprising questions regarding locating information, identifying relationships, interpreting ideas, moods, characteristics of characters, tone of passage and getting the central theme


      Number system (Fractions, Surds and Decimals, Number series) and

      Arithmetic(Percentages, Profit & Loss, Discount, Compound Interest, Ratio & Proportions, Time & work, Time & Distance, 2D & 3D Figure-Areas & volumes)


      Reasoning Aptitude focusing on Verbal and Logical Reasoning focusing on deriving conclusions from logical premises or assess the validity of arguments based on statement of facts.

      General Awareness:

      Indian History & Indian Geography, Indian Economy, Indian Constitution, Science & Technology, Trends in Current Affairs


      1. All Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) shall have 4 (four) options with one (1) correct option.
      1. All MCQ questions shall be available in English and Hindi.
      1. Reading Comprehension (RC) shall comprise one (1) passage with 5 MCQ questions.
      2. Typing test content will be a passage with possible keystrokes.

      Test Duration

      1. The Test shall be of two hours (120 Minutes) duration distributed as under
      2. 75 minutes for 75 Questions in Sections 1 – 6
      1. 15 Minutes for English typing test
      1.  15 Minutes for Hindi typing test
      1. 15 Minutes for reading instructions and switchover between languages in typing tests

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